The Road to Recovery . . . 


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My name is Deborah Raber and this is my final project for completing my degree in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College.  The Research Project is on:

How does rehabilitation shape the meaning of recovery 

for Stroke Survivors?

 The research project will examines the importance of rehabilitation process for stroke recovery. The 
significance of this project is to:  identifying the needs of a stroke survivors, change societal perceptions, discover solutions to improve the rehabilitation process, and locate the meaning of recovery.

  1. The stroke survivors experience: will share insight into the rehabilitation process, and their role in shaping the recovery process for others.  
  2. The Health Professionals involved in recovery process:  will share their knowledge and perspective, while address issues from personal experiences.  

Please participate in this research project and learn about my story of survival and why I chose this subject. 

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